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                      ~ BIOGRAPHY ~

With my son, Jake

     I've had a variety of books published, both fiction and nonfiction, over the past two decades, beginning in 2000 when Barclay Books, Inc. published THE APOSTATE, an apocalyptic sci-fi/fantasy novel.

     I collaborated on two true crime books, THRILL KILLERS, published in 2007 by New Horizon Press, with the paperback version released by Berkley Books in 2008, and CAUGHT IN THE ACT, published in 2011 by Penguin.

     LIFE, WITH CANCER, published in 2012 by Health Communications Inc., and THE NEW DEBTORS' PRISON, published in 2019 by Skyhorse Press, were two nonfiction collaborative efforts.

     REUNION OF SOULS (Liquid Silver Books, 2015) and SOUL AWAKENING (Inkspell Publishing, 2017) are more recent novellas. My short story, THE WALL was published by ARIA (Association of Rhode Island Authors) in their 2019 anthology, "Past, Present and Future." In 2020, Fantastic Fory Publishers released an anthology featuring H.P. Lovecraft-themed tales by Rhode Island authors, incluing my short story, THE WINNING STREAK, about an aging ballplayer and superstition taken to an extreme level.

     While coninuting to collaborate with first time authors to help them share their own amazing true stories and experiences, I am pursing fiction writing, including devloping a new book series for middle grade readers.

With Raymond Pingitore, MURDER WITHOUT MOTIVE: The Amy Shute and Jason Burgeson Story
With Jeannie McDonough, CAUGHT IN THE ACT: A Courageous Family's Fight to Save Their Daughter from a Serial Killer
With John Cagno, BOY IN A BOX
With Frank Terrazzano, LIFE, WITH CANCER: The Lauren Terrazzano Story
WEIRD RHODY: Five Tales From The Ocean State That Aren't Quite Right
Our family dogs, Dak and Ash
Jake, my goblin pitcher
Jake, December, 2007